Change or cancel your booking

You can change your travel plans at any time and while we endeavour to be flexible to your needs, some fees and conditions apply.

If you cancel or rebook... then...
Seven days or more before departure
(date and time on ticket)
You are entitled to a full refund.
Less than seven days before departure
(date and time on ticket)
You are entitled to a refund less a $5.50 cancellation and/or rebooking fee.
Less than 48 hours before departure
(date and time on ticket)
You can cancel online or by calling 13 22 32 and are entitled to a refund less a $5.50 cancellation and/or rebooking fee. However, your refund cannot be processed online. You must hand over your ticket at a Station or Sales Agent so the refund can be processed.
After departure
(date and time on ticket)
Tickets are non-refundable. However, you may rebook for the next available service within 24 hours. A $5.50 rebooking fee will apply.
Pensioner Travel Vouchers cannot be replaced.
If you rebook and... then...   
Upgrade your ticket
(e.g. from economy to first class)
You will not be charged a rebooking fee when you pay the fare difference.
Downgrade your ticket
(e.g. from full-peak to off-peak)
You are entitled to a refund of the fare difference subject to the timings and fees quoted above.

Other terms and conditions

  • If you paid by credit card, any refund can only be credited to the original card you used.
  • If you paid via a @ POST payment, to rebook, cancel or obtain a refund you must call us or 13 22 32, or visit a Sales Agent.
  • Refunds may not be available on certain discounted or promotional tickets, so please check when you make your booking.
  • If you are travelling on a discounted fare you may be required to upgrade to a full fare and pay the fare difference.
  • Tickets cannot be transferred to other people.
  • The cancellation and/or rebooking fees quoted on this page apply to NSW TrainLink outlets only. Fees charged by private travel agents and other rail entities may vary, so please check these before booking.
  • Travel passes purchased online are automatically activated once a booking is made. Active passes are non-refundable. Refund applications for non-activated passes purchased online can be made by contacting


We recommend that you take out private travel insurance based on your individual needs and circumstances. Conditions, costs and benefits will vary depending on the travel policy that you choose.