Online bookings

Find out how you can make a booking online. If you need assistance, please call us on 13 22 32.

In most cases, you'll be able to book NSW TrainLink travel up to 180 days in advance. However, depending on the distance you are travelling, there may be booking restrictions in place. For full details see When should I book?.

Four easy steps

  1. Ways to access bookings on mobile and desktopSearch for services and fares. Using the form on the left (or from the fares / bookings menu bar on a mobile device), enter your origin, destination, preferred travel dates and the number of people travelling. Click "Search services". If some of your group are entitled to concession fares, we may ask for additional information first so we can give you accurate fare information.

  2. Select services. We'll show you the available options for departure times, seat classes, fares and connections. You can also browse services for the previous and next days. Choose a service and seat class for your forward and return journeys. Click "Select and pay" or "Select and add" if you want to book additional journeys.

  3. Enter traveller details and pay. Enter the names and (if required) concession details of each traveller you're booking for. You can pay for your tickets by credit card or using Pay it @ POST.

  4. Receive confirmation and print your ticket. Your booking number and travel details will display on your screen. Print the booking confirmation or display it on a mobile phone or other electronic device to use it as your ticket. We'll also send you a copy by e-mail.

Book online now

Who can book and pay online?

Adult (full fare) Yes
Children (half fare and Child $1 fare) Yes
Students (half fare) Yes
Tertiary students wishing to travel on a Study fare Yes
Family fare Yes
Infants Yes
Senior Card holders Yes
Holders of NSW Half Fare entitlement cards (Job Search) Yes
Holders of Former Employees Concession Fare Authority Yes
Travel passes Yes
NSW and Victorian Pensioner Travel Voucher Yes
Country Pensioner Excursion tickets Yes
NSW Trains and Sydney Trains employees and former employees Yes
NSW TrainLink Accredited Travel Agents Yes
Corporate accounts Yes
Sleeping accommodation No
Passengers who wish to transport a bicycle, surfboard or snowboard No
People who require special assistance onboard (wheelchairs, vision impaired etc) No
Holders of Ex Member of Defence Forces passes No
Groups of more than nine people No

Even if you are unable to book online, you can still use the online booking form to check fares and availability. When you are ready to book, you can call us on 13 22 32, or visit your nearest Station or Sales Agent.


Please note

Our online booking system seats people who book together, as close as possible on the train. However, if you plan to travel with small children, we recommend you call 13 22 32 to make sure you are seated together.

What you'll need to book online

Make sure you have the following with you before starting to book online:

  • an internet browser with JavaScript and cookies enabled
  • a printer to print your ticket or an e-mail address to display it on a mobile phone or other electronic device.
  • your credit card if you intend to use it to pay
  • your concession ID if you are booking a concession fare (this includes students that are 16 and over); and
  • your passport if you are an international visitor booking a travel pass.
  • if using Pensioner Travel Vouchers, you will need NSW TrainLink registration details for each voucher holder
  • if you are a NSW Trains or Sydney Trains employee you will need NSW TrainLink registration details (obtained beforehand by presenting your employee travel pass at your nearest Station or Sales Agent).

Credit cards accepted

You can use Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club and American Express credit cards to book online.

Cards accepted - Visa, MasterCard, Diners Card and American Express

Booking family fares

NSW TrainLink offers a family fare deal which allows family groups travelling together to pay full adult fares and half fares for the first two children, with any other children travelling free of charge. Family fares can be booked online and given the family discount automatically. When booking online, make sure you select the "All passengers are from the same Household/Family" checkbox.

If you are travelling with a student who is 16 and over, you will need to select "student" rather than "child" and enter the appropriate information from the student's travel ID when prompted. For students from NSW this is a NSW School Pupil Identification Card (with foil) and for students from Victoria it is their Victorian Public Transport Card. More about family fares.

Online payment options and ticket receipt

When you book your NSW TrainLink travel online you'll be given the option of paying by credit card or Pay it @ POST.

If you choose to pay using your credit card you will be sent an e-mail confirmation. Please ensure that you print the confirmation and carry it throughout your journey as this is your ticket.

When you choose the Pay it @ POST option, it's simply a matter of printing out or writing down the Australia Post reference number you'll be supplied with, taking it to the post office and paying in cash or via eftpos. As soon as your payment is processed you will be sent an e-mail confirmation. Please ensure that you print this confirmation and carry it throughout your journey as this is your ticket. Pay it @ POST can only be used for fares $10 and over and for booking travel at least seven days in advance.

If your payment is accepted by the online booking system it means you have successfully booked your seat. Please reconfirm your reservation 48 hours before departure by calling 13 22 32.

If there are no seats available on the service you wish to travel on, the online booking system will tell you so and you will not be able to complete or pay for your booking.

Changing your travel plans

You can rebook or cancel tickets at any time, by logging in via the 'Login' link at the top of the page.

Read about the fees, terms and conditions that apply if you change or cancel your travel plans.

Safeguarding your personal information

We work to protect the security of your personal and credit card information collected during online booking by using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software, which encrypts information you enter.

Before you enter personal or credit card details, check the bottom right of your browser window, or the address bar at the top, and make sure you can see a security icon. This icon is a small padlock on common browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome.