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Western Plains Zoo

Things to do in Dubbo

Re-energise and relax at Dubbo which has more than enough to see and do for a memorable holiday.  Must-see attractions include the Taronga Western Plains Zoo, the fully restored Old Dubbo Gaol, the Dubbo Observatory and the Western Plains Cultural Centre.

If you are looking for an exciting adventure activity holiday, canoe or kayak down the scenic Macquarie  River, or test your skills at the skate park or BMX track. For a more relaxing time, star gaze at the Dubbo Observatory, visit Dubbo’s vineyards and wineries, and enjoy lunch at the tranquil Shoyoen Sister City Garden.

Where is it and how do you get there?

Dubbo on map of NSWDubbo is 396 kilometres north-west of Sydney.

The Dubbo XPT train runs daily from Sydney to Dubbo. Also daily, CityRail trains run to Lithgow with connecting coaches to Dubbo.

To check times, use the booking form on the left.

Getting around

Travelling around Dubbo is easy with a comprehensive bus service that runs six days a week, a taxi service and companies that offer bike, bus and car hire.

What to do and see

The Taronga Western Plains Zoo is a major attraction for visitors to the Dubbo area. The 300 hectare zoo houses hundreds of animals, including the rare Sumatran tiger, black and white rhinoceros, African elephants and of course, lions and giraffes. Explore the zoo in your own car or hire a bicycle or electric cart to travel the six kilometre world safari circuit. Take an early morning walk to get close to some of the zoo’s most exotic animals and help feed the animals.

Old Dubbo GaolDon’t miss the fully restored Old Dubbo Gaol which is home to a large display of animatronic models and holographic displays that provide a fascinating insight into barbaric prison life of years ago. Join a night tour, or assume a role where you assist a prisoner to escape or experience treatment as a low-life criminal.

Delve into history at Dundullimal, a historic timber-slab homestead which is one of the oldest homesteads left standing in western NSW. Also visit the Dubbo Military Museum and see a varied collection of military vehicles and a scientific expo. At the same complex, for light relief, have fun in the supermaze or play paintball.

At the Dubbo Observatory use high-tech telescopes that can locate 64 different objects at the touch of a button. Zoom into the moon and solar system and discover the Milky Way.

Experience Dubbo’s cultural side with visits to the Shoyoen Sister City Garden, a traditional Japanese garden in Elizabeth Park, then take a heritage walk to admire Dubbo's historic buildings. Visit the Western Plains Cultural Centre which incorporates Dubbo Regional Gallery - The Armati Bequest, Dubbo  Regional Museum and the Community Arts Centre. The $8.2 million Centre aims to provide a broad range of experiences in the visual arts, heritage and social history.


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