A family boarding the trainOur online booking system seats people who book together, as close as possible on the train. However, if you plan to travel with small children, we recommend you call us on 13 22 32 to make sure you are seated together.

Infants (under four years)

Children aged under four years travel free of charge and must be accompanied by a parent or guardian aged 16 years or older.

Infants must occupy the seat allocated next to the parent or guardian who is accompanying them and must not travel on another passenger's lap. If the number of infants travelling are more than the number of adults accompanying them, a child fare must be paid for each additional seat.

Sleeping berths

Each sleeping compartment is designed to accommodate two adults, one in each berth. However, if an infant occupies the same sleeping berth as their parent or guardian, the infant travels free. The parent or guardian pays an adult first class fare plus the sleeping berth fee. This scenario is likely to occur when two parents travel with one or two infants and pay for two adult first class fares and sleeping berths in the one compartment.

An adult with an infant cannot share a sleeping compartment with a stranger. If the adult is travelling alone with the infant, they must book both berths in the compartment and pay the appropriate child and adult fare, plus berth charges.

Similarly, if an infant occupies a sleeping berth on their own, the other sleeping berth in the compartment must be occupied by a parent or guardian, and the appropriate adult and child fare must be paid plus berth charges.

When an additional 'paid' child's ticket is cancelled inside seven days of travel, a fee of $5.50 applies.

Children (4-15 years inclusive)

Children aged four years and over, but under 16 years, travel at half the ordinary adult fare. Children must have a ticket and cannot be seated on a passenger's lap.

Family fares

Family members, e.g. parents, grandparents, guardians and children who are members of the same household, can take advantage of our family fare.

All adults pay full fare (or use valid concession cards or pensioner travel vouchers), the first two children pay child fares and any additional children travel free of charge. People travelling on family fares must make exactly the same journey. Family fares can be booked online.

Also check out our 'Kids for $1' promotion.

Unaccompanied minors

In the interests of safety, children under the age of 12 cannot travel alone and must be accompanied by an adult aged 16 years or older.

Children aged 12-15 may travel alone and we advise that they make themselves known to staff before or soon after boarding. A contact number of the guardian/person meeting the child at the destination is required.


Subsidised or concession travel is available to a wide range of people, including students. For more information please visit the Concessions page.

Travel tips

  • If you are travelling with a young child in a stroller or pram please make sure the brakes are applied while you are on the platform and keep a firm hold of the handle at all times.
  • The safest way to get off or on a train with a pram is backwards.
  • Each train has a fold down baby change table. Please ask onboard staff to tell you where it is.
  • Children love trains, but long trips can be trying. We recommend packing a range of activities in your hand luggage to keep them amused. These could include a deck of cards, books, a map to follow your journey, colouring books and pencils, board games, handheld electronic devices, or a mobile phone/MP3 player with headphones.
  • Baby strollers, prams and capsules are classed as hand luggage.