Conditions of travel

NSW TrainLink aims to provide you with a safe travelling experience. The information below concerns policies and procedures relating to NSW TrainLink services.


Alcohol, including a selection of Australian wine and beer, is available for purchase on our trains between midday and 11.00pm to those over 18 years of age.

While on board a train, you are not permitted to drink alcohol that has been purchased anywhere other than the buffet car. Fines apply.

We actively promote the responsible service of alcohol and have the right to refuse to serve alcohol to passengers. We can also ask the police to remove intoxicated passengers from services and train stations.

Please drink alcohol in your own seat, not standing in the aisle or vestibule.


Passengers may be required to produce photo identification at the time of purchasing a ticket or boarding a NSW TrainLink service. NSW TrainLink reserves the right to refuse service to any passengers who fail to comply with such a request and provide a refund of the purchased ticket.

Confiscation of concession cards or tickets

Authorised ticket sales outlets reserve the right to confiscate concession cards, tickets or the like for misuse or any breach of conditions or an infringement of the conditions of travel.

Connecting services

NSW TrainLink cannot guarantee connections where the time between its services is less than one hour.

NSW TrainLink does not guarantee connections with services operated by other carriers including Great Southern Railways, V/Line, Queensland Rail, domestic or international airlines, cruise/shipping companies and/or any services with NSW TrainLink Intercity or Sydney Trains.

NSW TrainLink does not take any responsibility for alterations to the timetables of other transport operators.


Passengers on NSW TrainLink services are governed by the relevant law of NSW regardless of where the passenger purchased the ticket or in which state an offence is committed.

Lost property

For details visit the Lost property page.

Passenger conduct

Passengers shall not:

  • Put any part of their body outside any window or doorway of a NSW TrainLink service while it is in motion.
  • Enter or leave a NSW TrainLink service while it is in motion.
  • Board or leave a service that is not scheduled to pick up or set down passengers.
  • Board or leave a service in circumstances where the passenger is not scheduled to board or leave it.
  • Board a service without a valid ticket and/or reservation.
  • Occupy a sleeping berth or seat without a valid ticket and or reservation.
  • Board a service under the influence of alcohol, wearing soiled clothing or being offensive to other passengers.

If a passenger is in breach of a condition of travel NSW TrainLink has the right to refuse service and the contract for carriage between NSW TrainLink and the passenger is immediately terminated without right of refund.

If a passenger breaches any provision of the Passenger Transport Regulation 2007 staff may ask the police to remove the passenger from the service. Under the regulation, train drivers are authorised to direct that a passenger to leave the train in certain circumstances, for example where they are causing or is likely to cause, inconvenience to other passengers or to the driver of the train (whether because the person is under the influence of alcohol or another drug, or for any other reason).

Personal safety cameras

Staff are now wearing personal safety cameras, which are monitored 24/7, to help you stay safe.

Audio and camera images may be used by police.

If you see bad behaviour or feel unsafe, tell a staff member right away.

Privacy and personal information

For details visit the Privacy page.


NSW TrainLink provides a smoke free environment for both passengers and staff. The smoking of any substance is not allowed on trains or platforms or in booking offices and other enclosed areas.

Smoke detectors are fitted in all areas of the train, including toilets and vestibules. Passengers found smoking on board will be fined and asked to leave the train or coach.

Please don't leave the train for a cigarette break when it stops during your journey as it may have departed by the time you return. If such a situation occurs, NSW TrainLink will not be liable for any consequences.