Luggage allowance

Couple boarding the train with luggageYou can take three pieces of luggage per seat booked. That's one item of hand luggage and two pieces that are either checked into the luggage compartment or stowed at the end of your carriage.

Passengers may be required to present and open checked and non-checked baggage for inspection prior to travel on NSW TrainLink services. NSW TrainLink reserves the right to refuse travel to any passengers who does not comply with such a request. NSW TrainLink will provide a refund of the proposed journey.

We recommend you invest in travel insurance to cover your belongings during your journey.

Hand luggage

You can carry on one item of luggage such as a handbag, provided it weighs no more than five kilograms and no larger than 50cm long, 30cm high and 30cm wide.

Baby strollers, prams and capsules, along with golf clubs and collapsible wheelchairs are classed as hand luggage.

When travelling on a NSW TrainLink coach service, hand luggage must be able to be stored under the seat. Hand luggage that does not fit under the seat must be stored in the luggage compartment beneath the coach.

Please note that hand luggage is carried at your own responsibility.

Checked luggage

You can check in two items, each weighing between five and 20 kilograms and not more than 70cm long, 60cm high and 50cm wide. We do not accept any item of checked luggage which is less than five kilograms.

Medium sized candy-striped bags will be accepted as checked luggage if they weigh 15 kilograms or less and only contain clothing or soft items.

Checked luggage

Luggage can be checked in on the day of travel and closes 30 minutes before the scheduled departure.

NSW TrainLink's liability is limited to $300 and private travel insurance is recommended. NSW TrainLink has no liability for personal items including cameras, electrical goods, jewellery, money and tools, bicycles, surfboards, snowboards and golf clubs.

Unchecked luggage

If you do not wish to check your luggage you can take two items on board with you, as long as they don't weigh more than 20 kilograms or measure more than 70cm long, 60cm high and 50cm wide.

Unchecked luggage

Please store these items in luggage racks or at the end of your carriage and note that unchecked luggage is carried at your own responsibility.

There is no facility for unchecked luggage on NSW TrainLink coach services. Items must be stored in the luggage compartment beneath the coach.


A folding bike with protective coverSpace is available for carrying bicycles and folding bicycles.

XPT - five spaces
XPLORER - three spaces
Coaches - two spaces

A fee of $12.10 and a weight limit of 20 kilograms applies. There is no charge for folding bicycles in a protective cover, no larger than 79cm long, 59cm high and 36cm wide.

Please reserve a place for your bicycle when purchasing your ticket. Please note you are unable to reserve a place online.

If you are travelling with a bicycle, please arrive at least one hour before the scheduled departure time in order to disassemble and pack it into a bicycle box. You can ask at your station about obtaining a bicycle box or source one from a bicycle retailer.

If sourcing your own bicycle box or commercially produced protective bagNo part of the bicycle is to protrude outside the box or bag. Boxes and bags must not be torn or damaged and be clearly identifiable with the passenger’s name, address, origin and destination of journey. Maximum box dimensions: Height 720mm, Length 1290mm, Width 200mm.

Surfboards, skis and snowboards

Space is available for carrying surfboards, skis and snowboards.

XPT - five spaces
XPLORER - three spaces
Coaches - two spaces

A fee of $12.10 and a weight limit of 20 kilograms applies.

Please reserve a place for your surfboard, skis or snowboard when purchasing your ticket. Please note you are unable to reserve a place online.

Surfboards, skis and snowboards less than two metres long can be checked in as luggage as long as they are packed in secure, protective coverings.

Check-in of surfboards, skis and snowboards closes 30 minutes before the scheduled departure.

Musical instruments

You may travel with one musical instrument provided it is in a hand carry case and weighs no more than 20kg.

On train services, the instrument must be carried onboard as unchecked luggage and placed in the overhead luggage racks or at the end of the carriage. This means the instrument can not exceed dimensions of 125cm high x 45cm wide x 20cm depth.

On coach services, the instrument is considered as one of the two items of luggage permitted and must be placed in the luggage compartment beneath the coach.

If you wish to travel with larger musical instruments please contact us on 13 22 32 prior to booking. An additional seat may need to be purchased.

What we can't carry

The following will not be accepted:

  • items that are damaged, insufficiently secured or protected
  • household items and appliances
  • plants and/or plant matter
  • perishable items including meat, seafood, fruit and vegetables.

Dangerous goods

For safety reasons, the items listed below must not be included in checked or carry-on luggage:

  • Compressed gases - flammable, non-inflammable and poisonous.
  • Corrosives - acids, alkalis, mercury and wet cell batteries.
  • Explosives - munitions, fireworks and flares.
  • Flammable liquids and solids - lighter fuel, matches, paints, thinners and fire-lighters.
  • Oxidising materials - bleaching powder and peroxides.
  • Poisons and infectious substances - insecticides, weed killers and live virus materials.
  • Firearms, spear guns, crossbows and knives.
  • Radioactive materials.

Unaccompanied luggage

For security reasons, unaccompanied luggage is not permitted on NSW TrainLink services.

Motor vehicles and motorbikes

There are no facilities for carrying motor vehicles or motorbikes on NSW TrainLink services.

Luggage claim

You can claim checked luggage on arrival by giving your check in tickets to station staff.

If the station is not staffed, staff on your train will place your luggage on the platform adjacent to the luggage van of the train.

Please claim any luggage as soon as you arrive at your destination.

Unclaimed luggage is either kept at the station or carried to the next attended station and unloaded. If it is not claimed within seven days it will be sent to the luggage room at Sydney's Central Station.

If after a further two weeks it is still not claimed, it will be sent to Lost Property. Information about reclaiming lost property.

Facilities at stations

Customers with unchecked luggageSydney - Central Station

Baggage Storage by SmarteCarte offers secure baggage storage solutions for your long and short term storage needs. Staff in NSW TrainLink's luggage room at the station will not be able to store luggage for any length of time unless it has been checked in to go on a NSW TrainLink service. This is part of an increased security measure undertaken to enhance your safety as well as that of our staff. View a map of Central Station.

Melbourne - Southern Cross Station

Lockers are located in the Coach Terminal, near the entrance to the Luggage Hall and near the main station entrance. For more information visit the Southern Cross Station website.