Travelling with pets

Animals are not permitted to travel on NSW TrainLink services, except for:

  • registered assistance animals trained to assist passengers with a disability
  • registered assistance animals in training
  • police and security dogs.

This applies whether the animal is in a pet container or not.

Assistance animals

Guide dog at Central stationRegistered assistance animals accompanying disabled passengers are welcome on board our services.

Guide and hearing dogs must wear a harness or medallion of registration. Interstate and internationally certified guide and hearing dogs are also recognised.

All other animals must be certified by Transport for NSW as a trained assistance animal.

Assistance animals travel for free, but handlers must have valid NSW TrainLink tickets.

Assistance animals must be under the control of the registered handler at all times. Please be aware that you are responsible for the conduct, care, feeding and toileting of your animal on stations, trains and coaches.

Certifying your assistance animal

To make an application to certify an animal (other than a registered guide dog or hearing dog) as an assistance animal for travel on NSW TrainLink, contact:

Transport for NSW Passes and Concessions
Phone: 1300 548 828

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